Monday, November 28, 2005

Bangalore - 2.5 years later...

I had never got the opportunity to go back to Bangalore since leaving the city in mid - 2003, after a 4 year stay. I had stayed in touch with my friends there, and was reasonably updated of the changes in the city.

I finally got the chance to go back last week-end, due to work. The first thing that struck me was the weather - overcast, and cool. Luckily, I had remembered to carry some warm clothing, so it did not aggravate the fever that I was having.

I only got to meet some relatives and very few friends as the time was just too short. I also managed to take in the new (since I had left in any case!) Crossword store, check out the new pub - Mojo, by the same management as Peco's - and have some amazing dosas and sambar at Krishna Kafe in Koramangala.

The traffic was as bad as I had heard it was, but the crowd seemed to have improved a bit ;-)

I think I will be headed there again soon...!

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