Monday, July 04, 2005

A short trip to Chennai

I had been to Chennai last weekend, for work reasons. Actual work was for only a few hours on Saturday, but I ultilized this opportunity to spend some time at the place I stayed in for 6 months, 7 years back.

The trip turned out to be quite nostalgic. My first job, the nice people I met with for work, staying with my cousin, doing things together, it all came back to me rather overwhelmingly. I would have loved to spend some more time, meeting up with all my old friends, revisiting the places I used to frequent 7 years back, and seeing how they have changed...But time did not permit it. Or maybe I really did not want to see all those places and meet those people right now. This way, I have a reason to plan a trip to Chennai again!


Rashmi said...

Would be good to have more frequent random postings..Really enjoy reading them

Sanjay said...

Thanks Rashmi, and I was so excited on seeing a comment on my blog!