Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Taj Mahal, and the hype around '7 Wonders...'

No doubt, The Taj is a beautiful monument. But I am surprised at the hype being created by this voting. It is just a gimmick of some private company, not any International organization like the UN. I personally feel the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites is a better list to be on that this 7 Wonders list.

I say this because having just one monument from India, and just 7 in the whole world is a major disservice to the rest of the wonderful monuments that exist in the world. Take the case of India, is there any reason why the stupendous Kailash temple at Ellora should not be as highly talked about as the Taj? Or the cave paintings at Ajanta, which touch you in a spiritual way that cannot be described, only experienced? I personally found Akbars' mausoleum at Sikandra more moving than the Taj, which I experienced as a very cold monument - strikingly beautiful, yes, but also aloof.

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