Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ahmedabad, again

Last weekend saw me at Ahmedabad, for a short, work - related trip. Having studied there for 2 years, I am somewhat familiar with the city. But this was the first time I was flying in and out, and I was quite impressed with the neat airport. Another thing that I noticed, (not very surprising, really) was the numbers of NRIs (identifiable by their accent) flying in.

The road to the city center was smooth, without any of the potholes that riddle Mumbais' roads. One thing I noticed was the abundance of red- brick buildings, and the relative greenery along the roads. And a number of petite women!

Unfortunately, I did not get any time to see any more of the city. The earlier plan was for my wife to accompany me, and then we were planning to visit Mt. Abu. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, that plan did not materialise. So Mt. Abu has to wait...

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